Why I Write About New

New things have always attracted me since my childhood. Not much from writing, but I really enjoyed observing interesting things. I was reading really less – frightened of having my eyes go bad like my sister – but had never forgotten Jules Verne’s “90 Days Around the World” and “I, Robot” by Isaac Asimov. I used to curiously disassemble anything around that sounded different and “new” to me. I dreamt a lot especially about space. Whenever somebody asked me what I had been aiming to be in the future, I used to cheerfully reply as “An astronaut!”. I was dying to be like Apollo and Starbuck wandering around the stars with their super space vehicles. “Start the turbos!” was my motto at the time.

Years later, when I happened to become a professional engineer, I realised that what kept me up and running had been the “new factor” again. It was the new things and the excitement and the joy – despite its fuzziness – of the new and the unknown that gave me the will and power to keep on. That is why I decided to write and share whatever sounds, feels like or really is “new” to me hoping it will have a consequence of something new on your side.

I will try to share my original thoughts as well as thoughts and things from other people and communities. Your comments and contributions of any sort are highly appreciated and I will reply them as much as I can. I will try to write on a weekly basis. I plan to announce events and news about related stuff from my blog as well.

This is a beginning like a seed out of soil for the first time and I hope it will prosper.

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